…a peculiar little lexicon of the dark drifting about in the Petri dish of the Internet. Here I will be writing various musings on horror/weird fiction, movies, comic books, small press stuff, and other disjointed bits and pieces of things that interest me. That’s probably what sums it up best: “disjointed bits and pieces of things that interest me”. You could compare this to an old scrap-book, or a serial killer’s basement.

Next week I will start off this humble little website with (somewhat analytical) reviews of ALL the chapbooks produced by the excellent Dim Shores, a rising force in the Weird Renaissance and a powerhouse publisher. I deeply recommend you purchase their latest book – The Nectar of Nightmares by Craig L. Gidney, illustrated by Orion Zangara – while it still lasts. Of course, if you come back next week, you’ll eventually find out why.