Hello, all! Again.

Tomorrow begins the Month of Bartlett, honoring the writer Matthew M. Bartlett for his significant contribution to modern dark fiction. Matt is absolutely my favorite writer, living or dead, and this celebration will indeed be grandiose. My input to this celebration will bereviews of ALL of Matt’s published work, as well as a very special announcement on Walpurgisnacht, concluding the month.

There’ll also be a variety of guest posts from some of my favorite critics working today – Justin Steele, Clint Hale, Jose Cruz, and John Linwood Grant. There’ll even be original stories by Tom Breen and Sean M. Thompson.

Not all of the posts will be Bartlett-related, though. There are some other reviews I need to do. Due to prior commitments and my enormous reading pile, I have unfortunately had to whittle down my prior list of planned reviews. Here they are…

  • The Witch (review, analysis, and response analysis)
  • Orford Parish Murder Houses by Tom Breen
  • Tomorrow’s Cthulhu, edited by Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski
  • Cthulhu Lies Dreaming, edited by Salomé Jones
  • A double Scott Nicolay review: Noctuidae and The Croaker
  • The Operating Theater by Christopher Ropes
  • A double review of Cody Goodfellow’s Rapture of the Deep and The Free School

I’ll try to get to the other books mentioned on my former list, but it won’t be soon, unfortunately. Some of these posts may spill into May.

Finally, I’ll be at KrallCon in Summit, NJ, on Saturday, April 2nd. I’ll be doing a write-up on the event, which fits nicely in with the Month of Bartlett, since Matt happens to be the Guest of Honor there! It’ll be a fun event, with some great authors and artists participating in the festivities. I actually might (might) be reading one of my stories, but I haven’t got a response from the organizers yet. Still, it’ll be a fun thing to do. Try and make it if you can!

Finally, I ask you all again to please fund the Ravenwood Quarterly Kickstarter if you can. There are a bunch of great authors and artists involved, as well as some short reviews and a creepy little story by myself. Sure, I may be biased – seeing as I have been named “Assistant Editor” – but I do think there are some great voices that need to be heard here. It’s almost funded – just give it a little push and we’ll get there.

Thanks all. See you tomorrow, where I’ll be making the introductory post to the Month of Bartlett.


An interior illustration by the talented Nick Gucker for the forthcoming “Creeping Waves” by Matthew M. Bartlett.