Dedicated to NADIA BULKIN, my first introduction to the Modern Weird World. I owe her one.

The Conqueror Weird does not have any definite purpose, just like the universe and life. It is simply my humble collection of musings about current weird fiction, small press publications, horror movies, comics, and so on. We also very occasionally publish fiction by very talented people. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, this site is not for you. If it does, then I hope you’ll find something or other to enjoy here.

About me – I’m Brian O’Connell. I’m fourteen. I’ve been active in the weird/horror community since I was twelve. I write. I read. I do other stuff. That’s pretty much all I’m saying here. If you’re interested in my writing specifically, please drop by Devil Coven.

The header artwork for this website was done by Richard Svensson, an amazing and generous Swede who makes truly stunning stop-motion films and creates beautiful pieces of artwork. Check him out here.

Portrait (without Texture).png

A portrait of Brian O’Connell by Yves Tourigny. July 3rd, 2016.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m very excited to hear and see where these musings take you!

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